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5 Ways To Prepare For A Commercial Flat Roof Installation

Lena Graham

Putting a new flat roof on your commercial building is a necessary expense if you want to protect the building and guard against leaks. Prepare for the installation in advance so that the process goes more smoothly.

1. Plan for Outages

For most commercial buildings, the roof is also home to a few necessary appliances like the HVAC and ventilation systems. During the roof tear down and installation, these appliances may need to be powered down temporarily. If you depend upon any of these appliances for specific business operations, then work with your roofer to learn at what times you can expect these appliances to be offline.

2. Set Up a Staging Area

Your roofing crew will need an area to park their vehicles, operate manlifts, and stage tools and supplies. Identify an ideal staging area that will work well for both the roofers and your business, if you plan to stay open during the installation. Partition this area off the day before the roofers arrive so that no early customers or staff accidentally parks in the staging area.

3. Re-route Customer Traffic

Schedule a property walk-through a few days before the roofing installation begins. Your roofing contractor will use this opportunity to point out danger zones around the building, such as spots where material or tool drops will be most likely. Use this information to determine the safest entrance and entrance route for customers and staff. Use tape, cones, and sidewalk markings to ensure everyone knows the safe entrance route.

4. Clear the Exterior

You don't want anything in the way of the roofers, as it can make their working conditions unsafe and it can put your business items at risk. Take down any temporarily hung signs and banners from the roof edge and walls, for example. If you display product outdoors, move it inside or away from the sides of the building until the roof is complete. Generally, the entire perimeter of the building should be cleared ahead of the beginning of the roofing job.

5. Consider Noise Challenges

Tearing off an old roof and installing a new one is loud. This is especially true for flat-roofed buildings, as they do not typically have a large attic space to insulate against the sound. If you have a multi-story building, you may need to suspend operations on the top floor while the roof is going on. Otherwise, be aware that there will be sound issues and plan your business operations accordingly.

Contact a commercial flat roofing installation service if you have any other concerns.  


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