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Important Commercial Roof Services Include Regular Inspections And Repairs

Lena Graham

One of the most important roofing services you can have done for your commercial building is routine inspections. Your roofer might recommend professional inspections a couple of times a year, but you may want your maintenance crew to check the roof on a monthly basis so damage is caught fast. Here's why regular commercial roof inspections are so important and some things a roofer might look for.

Why Your Commercial Roof Needs Regular Inspections

Like any other roof, the longer damage is neglected, the worse the damage gets. Prompt repairs can save you from having to spend money unnecessarily on repairing water damage. Regular repairs can even save you from having to get a new roof. Puncture holes are fairly common on commercial flat roofs since the roofs often get walked on. These holes are easy to overlook, but rain leaks in them every time it rains.

The rain can be soaked up by the insulation boards, and then the boards start to deteriorate. If a significant number of boards go bad, your roofer might recommend a new roof, which could have been prevented if the damage was repaired early.

What Type Of Damage The Roofer Looks For

Finding small punctures is important, but your roofer will look for all types of damage on your roof. Gaps along seams are another common problem that occurs when seam adhesive gets old and brittle. Gaps can let in a lot of rain, so it's important to get those sealed back up.

The roofer also looks for signs that water has been forming puddles on the roof. Your roof should always drain water, and if water stands on the roof a long time after it rains, that increases the risk of a leak. A roofer can tell by looking for water rings and other signs that water has been on the roof and evaporated. Your roofer can provide a number of roofing services that include making patch repairs and improving drainage to solve water ponding issues.

The roofer may also discover that your roof has excessive sun damage and is soon to fail and have problems with leaking. Knowing this helps you and the roofer plan a solution. You might want to put a new roof on, have a coating applied, or just keep up with spot repairs for as long as possible. Fortunately, if you keep up with important roofing services over the life of your roof, you can get a long life from your roofing so you won't have to replace the roof before its time.

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