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Why EPDM Commercial Flat Roofing Is A Good Choice And How It's Installed

Lena Graham

Membranes are popular types of commercial flat roofing. There are a few types of membrane roofing materials and EPDM, or rubber roofing, is a common choice that's been used for many decades on buildings with flat roofs. Here are reasons to consider getting an EPDM roof and a look at how it's installed.

EPDM Has A Proven Long Lifespan

Rubber membrane roofing has been around long enough that it's proven to last for decades. Another popular membrane roofing is TPO or plastic roofing. It's also an option to consider, but even though it's been used for years, it hasn't been in use long enough to know for certain how long it could last.

Plus, TPO membranes are still undergoing changes trying to create the best product possible. With an EPDM roof, you know what you're getting since it has been used for so long on so many roofs.

EPDM Roofing Is Ideal For Cold Weather

This roofing membrane is ideal for use in cold climates since it doesn't crack due to cold temperatures. It can also be used in warm climates, but plastic is sometimes preferred since it does a better job of reflecting the sun and keeping your building cool.

Rubber membranes come in white as well as black and gray, and the white colour helps keep buildings a little cooler in the summer or in warm climates. No matter what climate your building is in, a rubber membrane roof usually doesn't need much maintenance at all, especially in the early years. When the roof gets older, the roofer has to keep an eye on the seams, but those can be sealed again if they come loose in a fairly easy repair.

Rubber Roofing Installs Easily

Rubber roofing is a more affordable option than some other types of commercial flat roofing. Plus, it's easy to install so labour costs are lower. A flat roof system usually starts with a metal deck that's covered with insulation boards. These are covered by roofing board that's topped with a rubber membrane.

The membrane is supplied in long roles in standard widths that need to be joined together. With rubber membranes, the procedure is to attach the seams with adhesive and seam tape. This holds the membranes together for many years, but as the roof ages, the adhesive can deteriorate and allow gaps to form. That's why regular roof checks are important.

This type of commercial flat roof installation creates a watertight blanket on your roof to keep the deck and your building dry. Another good point about rubber roofing is that it is more tolerant of water ponding than some other materials. Since ponding is often a problem on flat roofs, that makes an EPDM membrane a good choice for your roof.


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