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Shingle Roofing - Simple Maintenance Steps That Can Prolong Its Lifespan

Lena Graham

Shingle roofing is popular for a lot of homeowners who want something that's affordable while still being fairly easy to take care of. If you have these shingles on your roof, here are some maintenance steps you can perform that will prolong their lifespan.

Pressure Wash the Shingles Periodically 

If your shingles ever get really dirty, you want to clean them to prevent their materials from breaking down. In that case, you'll want to pressure wash them every couple of months or so. This will make them look brand new again and also prolong their lifespan.

You can perform this pressure washing on your own or you can hire a company if you don't have the equipment or feel comfortable getting on top of the roof. Either way, this type of cleaning makes it easy to clean an entire roof of shingles in an effective, safe manner.

Hire a Knowledgeable Roofer For Annual Inspections

Inspecting your shingle roof once a year is a good idea because it will give you concrete details on your roof's condition. Then if there are problems that have developed throughout the year, you'll know about them and can respond as quickly as possible.

Just make sure you hire a knowledgeable roofer for these annual inspections. This is needed to ensure the right parts of your roof are assessed. Also, a roofer that knows a lot about shingle roofs will be able to break down your inspection results thoroughly. You thus won't miss any important detail.

Check the Drainage

If you want your shingle roof to hold up for many years, then its drainage needs to be optimal. However, you can check on this aspect yourself. You just need to see how water collects on the shingle roof when it rains. Are there any sections where the water starts to pool?

If so, you'll need to adjust them before water damage happens. You might need to adjust the slope of your shingle roof or add gutters to the roofline if you don't have them already. As long as you act fast, it will be easy to keep your shingle roof in great condition.

If you have a shingle roof, you probably want to get as many years out of it as possible. Then you can avoid an inconvenient, expensive roof replacement. As long as you know what maintenance protocols to stay in line with for this roofing material, you'll have no trouble caring for a shingle roof.


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