Roofing Bazaar Roofing Knowledge Center

Roofing Bazaar Roofing Knowledge Center

  • Important Commercial Roof Services Include Regular Inspections And Repairs

    One of the most important roofing services you can have done for your commercial building is routine inspections. Your roofer might recommend professional inspections a couple of times a year, but you may want your maintenance crew to check the roof on a monthly basis so damage is caught fast. Here's why regular commercial roof inspections are so important and some things a roofer might look for. Why Your Commercial Roof Needs Regular Inspections

  • 5 Ways To Prepare For A Commercial Flat Roof Installation

    Putting a new flat roof on your commercial building is a necessary expense if you want to protect the building and guard against leaks. Prepare for the installation in advance so that the process goes more smoothly. 1. Plan for Outages For most commercial buildings, the roof is also home to a few necessary appliances like the HVAC and ventilation systems. During the roof tear down and installation, these appliances may need to be powered down temporarily.

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Roofing Bazaar Roofing Knowledge Center

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